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Our Process

EAS manages all aspects of your product needs. We facilitate your supply chain with a one shop location for procurement of components, storage capacity, accurate inventory, assembly, quality control, testing, documentation, and shipping. 


EAS has strategic relationships with engineering designers, metal fabricators, circuit board manufacturers, and plastic molders; for precise drilling, tapping, plastic/metal work, engraving, etching, cutouts for complex assemblies. This option gives you a one-stop shop for a turnkey solution.



Our 9 step process


1. A quote is processed, your raw material is ordered promptly from our vendor database.


2. Raw material is received, QC verifies correct material, parts, components and quantities.


3.  Inventory is stocked in designated labeled bins; part numbers, quantities, relevant data are entered into our database.


4. A digital job folder is created with a sales order, bill of materials, drawings, schematics which are issued with the job kits to production for WIP assembly.


5. During work in process includes a QC visual check on all units. We can send customers a first article prototype for approval before mass assembly.  


6. Final assembled products are checked by our wire technicians for wire continuity and pull test on all wire terminations.


7. QC rechecks final assembled product based on a QC checklist. For example. the checklist includes a point to point, wire pull test, verification of wire AWG, color & of wire, correct labels, mechanical secureness, unit power up test, etc.


8. Documentation is verified for quantities, serial numbers, revisions; photos are logged with each product produced.


9. Final products are packaged securely for shipment or pick up. Documentation can be digitally sent upon request.





  • Competitive pricing

  • One stop shop that eliminates multiple vendors

  • Large vendor Database

  • Brand name components  

  • Locally sourced inventory

  • Special price agreements with vendors

  • Inquiry response within 24 hours during business hours

  • RFQ response within 48 hours during business hours                             




  • Design

  • Troubleshoot

  • Retrofit

  • Repair

  • Refurbish

  • Custom Builds

  • Convenient shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Expedite delivery

  • Procure quickly  

  • 1-2 weeks turn around after components received                    




  • Staff are bilingual

  • Clean organized production environment

  • ESD safe environment

  • Build small or large quantities

  • 3 Tier detailed checklist

  • Record keeping, 128 encryption system back on cloud 

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